Tuesday, April 15

Close To My Heart Stamps

Close to my Heart makes scrapbooking products, and are mostly known for their unique acrylic stamps. They are clear and you attach the stamps to a handle you already have. I actually don't have any stamps myself, or I'd show you a picture of how this works. BUT, here are four different stamps I've designed for them. One day I'll get the stamps themselves!

The stamps with pink lines are stamps that also work with Cricut die-cut machines.

Baby Stella

My sister recently had a beautiful little girl. Meet baby Stella at 6 days old.

I love her fuzzy little fat little cheeks.

This is her at about 7 weeks old. Already growing up!

Sunday, March 30

Free Printable: Birthday Calendar

Print this baby up and decorate your wall with a birthday calendar. Click HERE to download the PDF and then print on 8.5 x 11 card-stock. 

Monday, March 24

My New Love

A few months ago we replaced the last light fixture in our house that hasn't been replaced (besides our build in fluorescents in our kitchen). It took a long time because I wanted something I loved, and I also wanted something my husband didn't hate (but I didn't really mind too much if he didn't looove it.)
I found some awesome industrial fixtures with clear glass which my husband hated and said looked like clear upside down planters. My husband then found some weird overly modern belong-in-a-sci-fi movie fixtures. Then we (I) found one we both loved. 
First here is what we originally had:

And here is the light we found and fell in love with from West Elm:
(Note, we also replaced that yellow window with a clear one and added interior window trim which makes the light look better too, in my opinion.)

We've replaced tons of things in our house (like new 5 panel interior doors, 100% painted every room and ceiling, took out wood paneling, etc) but the one that I fall in love with more and more every day is this light. Now I sound a little crazy.
I love the metal. My husband loves that there is a shade so he won't be blinded when looking at it. I love the space between the metal and the shade. I love the texture. Even the cord attaching it to the ceiling has great detail. We lucked out too and bought it when West Elm was having 30% off all their lighthing. Nothing like a sale ending the next day to make you bite the bullet. Fall in love with me:

So the lesson of today: Sometimes that one special more-expensive-than-you-would-normally-pay item for your house will bring you so much happiness that it is totally worth it. I sit in my chair in my living room nursing my babies and stare at it for hours.

Tuesday, January 28

Valentine's Download

Valentine's Day is coming right up! I looove candy, but sometimes I think an alternative is a nice change.
I've made this printable for your little ones to bring to school and fill boxes with. I found these pencils in the dollar spot at Target if you like them. Click HERE to get the free PDF.
This PDF will open in Adobe Reader, and you can print it right from there. (If you try to open it in an editing program (like Adobe Illustrator) it will ask for a password, so that won't work.)

Monday, January 6

Merry Late Christmas!

Saturday, December 21

Christmas Printables

I was asked if I would be willing to make a Portuguese version of these gift tags, so here they are! Click HERE to download the PDF.

I have many other Christmas printables from the previous couple years. Click HERE and HERE to check out 2011 and 2012.

Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 3

Photo Prints at Minted

I have a couple more photos for sale on Minted. 

This one I actually had printed a couple years ago and I have it hanging in our living room. It is called Consuegra.

Wednesday, November 27

Free Thanksgiving Printables

Hello friends! I have a new gig once a month creating a free printable download for the website Or So She Says. Click HERE to see todays post, my first one. 

Or, you could just continue scrolling down here, it is the same thing :)

I created a couple of radness printables for all your thankful thoughts this Thanksgiving dinner. Here is the one for the grown-ups table. (Click HERE to download the PDF. So easy!)

This list I created is truly things I'm thankful for. I haven't written down things I'm thankful for in years.

And, here is the one for the kids' table. But I think I might like this one more because I like to color. That settles it, I'm coloring one of these. (The PDF is HERE.)

My sweetie 9-year-old girl Alex loves to color. She had some tips for me on how to improve the page, but I didn't have time to update my PDF before today. Maybe next year, just for her.
Happy Thanksgiving!

Thursday, November 14

Customizable Christmas Cards

If you're like me, you haven't even thought about Christmas cards yet this year. To make it simple for you, I have a plan. For $15 you can:

1. Pick out a card you like below.

2. Email me at sharonerowan@gmail.com and tell me which number is your favorite. Be sure attach a photo, what name you'd like on the card, and how you will be printing it so I can send you the right file type (see number 4 below). 

3. I'll customize your card and email you a digital file. I'll do it within 24 hours or less.

4. Print it one of two ways (1) print as a simple 5x7 photo or (2) I can place two cards to an 8.5x11 page and you can print them on card-stock at two to a page (but you would have to cut those out or pay the printer to).

5. Stuff them in a standard 5x7 envelope (like these) and you are DONE! 

I take paypal so everything is easy peasy. Also, I can change the colors on cards 3,5, & 8 to coordinate with the picture you send if you prefer.

Happy Holidays!

Tuesday, November 12

Baby Wall Art Awesomeness

I didn't make these, my friend did for me, but I love 'em!

Sunday, October 27

Family Photos: Cherie and Josh

The first family photos I've taken since the twins were born, a big accomplishment for me! I'm not ready to jump back into photography so much quite yet, but Cherie is my cousin, so how could I not do it? Cherie and Josh are such great subjects, I love their eyes and their smiles. They are super causal and fun to be with, as you might be able to tell.

This was a joke serious picture looking out into the distance, but I like it. 

Here is another joke picture that they set up. Oh cheesy wedding announcement ring photo, we need these to come back in style.

And here is the laughter that followed.

'Tis the season for family pictures!

Wednesday, September 25

Echo Park Collections

Last winter I designed a couple of collections for Echo Park Paper. I had SO much fun illustrating/designing them, and the people I work with at Echo Park are awesome.

This is the Fall-ish line. Below are a few of the pages from this collection, which is one of their Photo Freedom lines. The designs aren't just full sheets of paper, they actually separate into cards and can slip into plastic sheath holders for easy scrap-booking. This is called "Oh So Thankful," and you can see the entire collection HERE.

This pie page is a favorite of mine and the people that I work with at Echo Park.

This line is called "Fun in the Sun." You can see the whole line HERE.